Adam Lambert Defends “For Your Entertainment” Cover

Adam Lambert recently unveiled his new album cover, “For Your Entertainment” and he quickly defend the glamorous artwork of his cover.

The “American Idol” alum is thankful to people who appreciate and understand that the album cover is deliberately campy. He thought that it is an homage to the past. But he is glad to catch attention of those people who did not get it.

He added that fans should get ready because his debut single is going to make them dance for sure. Meanwhile, Adam tweeted that he is going to be on Seacrest on the radio for his debut single.



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  • ianaleah

    Whatever! USA doesn’t have the arts/culture that Europe has, we’re teck so Adam with his creative education and esperience is more in line w Europe. Glam Rock is already back in Australia and Europe, and Adam’s cover will fit right in, while we catch up. Still, some will never like and some will- as with everything. Take a look at all the other CD covers, a bit boring and ugly in my opinion, but think whatever you like.