Adam Lambert Reacts To Kanye’s Stunt & Will Appear At Annual Ford Day With Kris Allen

Adam Lambert has joined the celebrities who voiced their opinion over Kanye West’s VMA stunt.

The “American Idol” alum thought that the hip-hop musician needs to chill because he freaks out every year. He concluded that it ain’t that deep man.

Meanwhile, Adam Lambert is set to appear with Kris Allen at the annual Ford Motor Company Day on Friday September 18. They are going to perform starting 12:30 pm. After Kris finishes, he is going to Boston, MA for the Mix 104.1 End of Summer Bash taking place at the Colonnade Hotel on Saturday September 19.



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  • Pura

    I’m glad Adam Lambert is standing up for injustice even in his own Hollywood community. I don’t know what Kanye West was thinking pulling a stunt like that on a child no less. But I know that after he woke up this AM and realized how much he just hurt his own wallet he will think twice about it. I’m glad there are real men and women in show business who will stand up and point out other’s “bad” and not stand for it. Kanye needs to publically and personally apologize to Taylor Swift and I don’t mean on his twitter or web page, that could have come from his publicist. I have more respect for Adam Lambert, Pink, Beyonce, Jay Leno, Katey Perry, Kelly Clarkson and Donald Trump for backing up Taylor Swift. What I am wondering is where was security? Why did they allow him to rip that microphone out of her hand, she almost dropped her own moon man. Then the poor girl was so freaked out she just stood there not knowing what to do. It was awful! She was probably scared out of her mind. I mean what do you say to that? I tell you what I would have liked to see Kayne try that crap with Pink! She would have kicked his *utt!

  • RoRo

    Kris is going to Boston and Adam is going where? Did anyone ask? Just wondering, as the concert tour is over. Maybe he had some things to do while on the east coast?