Angelina Jolie Competes With Megan Fox For Role

Angelina Jolie is believed to compete with Megan Fox for a role in the new remake of Barbarella.

The 34-year-old actress is reportedly feeling under threat from “Transformers” star. The pair both want to star in the remake of the 1968 film and are both auditioning for the lead role.

A source revealed that it is a first time for the celebrity stars to faced off for the same role as Angelina feels the pressure and petrified because Megan is stunning and fast becoming a huge star.



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  • Lendi

    I think that neither one of them should be picked for the role, but hey, who am I?
    I’m very tired of Megan Fox pretending to be insecure when secretly she thinks she’s the sh*t. And it doesn’t help that all the men in the world feed into her and give her a big head. Angelina Jolie needs to realize that she’s not as young as she thinks she is and even though some think she’s the better fit for such a role, she doesn’t stand chance against Megan with how society is these days. (Ange you have Brad Pitt for crying out loud…BE HAPPY) Talent and great acting skills no longer matter because s*x sells.
    Give the role to someone who really deserves it.

  • 456tyogfidjskd

    Oh my god you’re high on dr*gs Lendi. Angelina is hotter AND deserves it. Because she can act and I would not see the movie if Fox was in it. BBlll**ech. I’d see Jennifer’s Body because AJ didn’t compete for that role, but I don’t like undeserving young people stealing roles and jobs in general from older, wiser, better, more talented and sexier women like Jolie.