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Was Zac Efron Acting Strange At After Party For L.A. Premiere?

Zac Efron became the center of speculation that he was acting strange and took a lot of drinks at the after-party for the Los Angeles premiere of his new film, “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.”

Zac Efron And Sami Miro’s Break-up

Zac Efron and his girlfriend Sami Miro reportedly break-up after almost two years of dating.

Why Did Zac Efron Jet To Peru?

Zac Efron jets off to Peru to escape this month but he is not planning to ski.

Why Did Zac Efron Enter Rehab?

Zac Efron enters rehab for more serious reason than alcohol abuse.

Zac Efron Flaunted His Muscular Form On “The Paperboy” Film Set

Zac Efron flaunted his muscular biceps while wearing a casual tank top on the L.A. set of upcoming film “The Paperboy” on January 28.

Taylor Swift And Zac Efron Reportedly Had Dinner In Italian Restaurant

Taylor Swift and Zac Efron were seen while having a “flirtatious” dinner in Italian restaurant.

Zac Efron’s Brotherly Bonding As His New Year’s Resolution

Zac Efron appeared to be planning for adventure since he wanted to spend more time with his family this year, individually.

Zac Efron Flaunted New Tattoo In Tokyo

Zac Efron flashed his new tattoo while promoting his latest flick, “New Year’s Eve” in Tokyo.

Zac Efron Attends “New Year’s Eve” Press Conference At Tokyo

Zac Efron beams when he attended a press conference for upcoming film “New Year’s Eve” at Grand Hyatt Tokyo on December 15 in Tokyo, Japan.

Zac Efron Dished On Kissing Co-Star And Fun Scenes With Nicole Kidman

Zac Efron dishhed that he had a chance of kissing co-star Michelle Pfeiffer in “New Year’s Eve” and shared fun scenes with Nicole Kidman in “The Paperboy.”

Zac Efron’s “The Lucky One” Trailer Was Released

A new trailer for “The Lucky One” has been released to inform the theatergoers what they’ll about to expect.

Zac Efron Was Thankful For “High School Musical” Days

Zac Efron felt thankful for the days in “High School Musical.”

Zac Efron’s “The Lucky One” Teaser

“The Lucky One” teaser was released by Warner Bros. Pictures to give fans a glimpse at what’s in store for them.

Zac Efron Attended LACMA Art + Film Gala To Honor Clint Eastwood And John Baldessari

Zac Efron was dressed in suits on the red carpet at LACMA Art + Film Gala.

Zac Efron Was Spotted In Beverly Hills During Post Halloween

Zac Efron was spotted jogging to his car after leaving Palm restaurant on November 1 in Beverly Hills.