David Archuleta Is Excited Over His Second Album

David Archuleta updated his fans on his YouTube channel while in New York, talking about progress on his second album and working with Jeymes Samuel.

The “American Idol” alum admitted that he can’t really get into detail about what’s been going on but he was really excited and he can’t wait for the fans to hear some of the stuff that he had been working on.

Meanwhile, David will perform at Hill Auditorium on the
campus of the University of Michigan with the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra (A2SO) on November 27 at 8 p.m. This will be the third stop on Archuleta’s tour which will feature a program of Christmas favorites and Archuleta originals.



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  • violet4ever

    David was talking about his 3rd album. His 2nd album was just released and it’s a Christmas album called Christmas from the Heart. He’s now working on his 3rd album which is pop (3rd album, 2nd pop album).

  • TrudyFOD

    I am so happy David is happy with the music that will be produced for his 2nd album…and us fans are so excited /anxious for a new song release…or snippets of the new songs. I know David has been working with some great song writers and writing a lot himself for this album…so this album will be really about what David wants to share with us. I am a HUGE David Archuleta fan and just think he is an amazing singer / songwriter. And I’ll also be catching 5 of his solo holiday tour shows! David’s concerts are just amazing and so much fun!

  • Vivian

    I wish I could go to his Ann Arbor show but it’s too far away. But I will be at the Bakersfield show (VIP) on the 28th which is also my birthday. WOOT!

  • I purchased my ticket for the show in Ann Arbor today. I believe this concert will be an epic event. I am beyond excited!
    David with the Symphony…how sweet it is! 🙂