David Archuleta’s Father Filed For Divorce

James Jeffrey Archuleta, who is the father of American Idol runner-up David, filed for divorce from his wife Lupe Marie, a month after he was busted in a massage parlor.

Stating irreconcilable differences as the reason for the divorce, the estranged couple will share joint physical custody of their three minor children. They initially agreed that Lupe would pay approximately $349 a month in child support, aside from splitting the additional cost of raising their kids. They will sell the house in Murray, Utah and split the proceeds.

The couple had previously filed for divorce in 2002 but reconciled soon after David Archuleta placed first in the Star Search competition.



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  • maxie2go

    Palm to Heart

    Angels, at 12AM tonight 10.17.09(technically Saturday) please take time and say a prayer for David and his family. Pray as long as you like in your own way. Please repost(copy & paste) this in whatever David James Archuleta site or blog you enter today. We want as many of the fan base as possible in prayer at 12 tonight. Thank you Angels…

    Palm to Heart

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  • violet4ever

    How about an article about David’s amazing Christmas album? It’s out now in the US. Have you heard it yet? It’s gorgeous!