David Archuleta’s Recovery After Wisdom Teeth Removal

David Archuleta made an update on his Youtube channel when his cheeks recovered from the puffiness after having his wisdom teeth removal.

The “American Idol” alum also opened up about his attendance to the Colbie Caillat concert, work-out and he admitted that he breathed a lot better. He is also headed to Nashville for some writing and release of his album “Christmas From The Heart” next week.

Meanwhile, David Archuleta was featured in October 7 issue of People Magazine with Rick Springfield. He revealed that his fans threw stuffed toys and little bracelets onstage. His fans mails weren’t as weird or bad and he thought it was neat.



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  • carly

    You know we love it that you keep up with David Archuleta! Never stop – he’s entertaining at every level and I think he’s only gonna get better.

  • violet4ever

    Thanks for the nice article. David’s Christmas album will be released Oct 13 in the US and it will be released in Canada, some European countries and several SE Asian countries during October. Re stuffed animals and wristbands, almost all of David’s fans know he has high moral values and we know he truly appreciates that we respect them. I’m happy David’s cheeks have recovered from their chipmunky post-extraction puffiness. He had our heads spinning with his self-coverage of his own quadruple wisdom teeth extractions. And that was the same day the sound clips of his Christmas album were posted! It was a crazy day.