David Cook On Idol Pressure & Touring Habits

David Cook, who performs a sold-out show Thursday night at Table Mountain Casino, opened up on pressures on being “American Idol,” his touring habits and what he’s got coming up next.

The singer admitted that felt the internal pressure of being “American Idol” as he wanted to be with Carrie, Kelly and Daughtry since they have managed tremendous careers for themselves.

He also like to travel while he is on the road all these months. He pass the time on the road with the help of video games such as “MLB 2009.” Fans could expect a new album soon because he started started writing for one as he only finished sound-checking a new song but for now, he is busy with this tour.



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  • Sandy

    Why why why why do people keep asking him about American Idol? It has been well over a year since the finale of that season and a lot has happened since then. He has a platinum album and a platinum single that has nothing to do with the single he released at the end of Idol. He has been touring to mostly sold out shows since mid February of this year. He has been to the Philippines where everyone in the country knows who he is and has a huge fan base in South American and in Canada as well as the U.S. Move on, people. Any reporter who can’t think of anything to ask him other than Idol questions seriously just needs to get a different job – one that does not require any thinking or creativity. Asking him Idol questions is just a sign of total laziness.