David Letterman’s Controversy Triggered $300M Divorce

David Letterman’s sex scandal triggered $300 million divorce from his wife Regina, according to sources.

The couple are said to be fighting over property and custody of their son Harry. Regina was humiliated and mortified that David carried on sexual relationships with a number of his female staffers – including former assistant Stephanie Birkitt.

Letterman shocked his viewers after confessing his sexual affair with female employees and attempted blackmail against him.



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  • bobby wilson

    well I guess bobby joe halderman got his wish!dave’s world HAS crumbled around him! I
    guess the snickers started when dave got married…but as for the rancor between birkitt
    and letterman,calling her “smitty”an “monty” showed me that there was more than just
    comedy there!and I was amazed that stephanie was NOT Harry’s mother…body language?
    I don’t know? but I was attracted to stephanie birkitt myself!

  • pat

    I am not surprised, I always felt that he appeared to be to perfect, seemed to life a private life away from the rich and famous. No need to wonder why we all know.

    What a shame that he married and had a child. They will all suffer.

    The women involved in this scandal are just as guilty. Eventhough Dave was not married he was in a long term relationship and the women involved are just as bad a he is. What has happened to self respect and honesty.

    To me affairs of the famous are old hat and I don’t know why the news media has to add to the situation by making it headline news. Personally it boars me. Lets hear more positive news, I’m sure there is some out there.

    Hopefully Regina gets through this difficult time and does not make any rash decisions about her and Harry’s future.

  • mmc

    Whether he was married or not isn’t the issue. He was in a long term committed relationship. a relationship that produced a child.If he was decent he would have told Regina that he did not want a committment and he still could have been a good Father to his son.But as the saying goes, he wanted to have his cake and eat it too.Thats so rotten ,it stinks!!!!!I feel for you Regina, but there is life after David and $3,000,000 will help get you through!!!!

  • Yak

    When you are worth $300M, you CAN have your cake and eat it too.

  • Layne

    Have you seen his wife? She’s a total bulldog. No wonder the poor guy had to cheat.

  • Cindy

    What an idiotic remark by Layne!! So, beauty is in the eye of the beholder for one thing, and if he did not think she was attractive enough he did not have to commit to her, and are you saying that a woman deserves to be cheated on if she does not still look like a 22 year old after 23 years in a relationship?? Hope you are not married!!