Emma Watson Is A Brown University Freshman

Emma Watson was mobbed by adoring fans as she began university in the U.S. She also attended the freshman orientation at Brown University on Friday (September 4).

She was earlier spotted grabbing Starbucks with friends and family. Her boyfriend Jay Barrymore has also been spotted on campus.

Emma arrived on campus with the help of helicopter on Wednesday, September 2. The “Harry Potter” star is taking a geology class this semester in addition to her literature course load.

She previously expressed that she want to be a normal student and anonymity. She added that she want to experience college properly.



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  • Jim

    Watson DID NOT arrive by helicopter. This is a false Internet rumor which originated on Twitter. Go to her website and she states she did not arrive by helicopter. Why do the people who manage web sites like this not exercise more discretion in their reports? They are even worse than the mainstream media.

    Sponkit: just check the other post about that

  • Leah

    She did NOT arrive by helicopter. Geez, do you people run with every rumour you hear without verifying it?

    Sponkit: Gee, why don’t you check other post??