Jon Gosselin Dished About Jewish Things, His Girlfriend & Having Kids Again

Jon Gosselin has a great time eating Jewish food with girlfriend Hailey Glassman he just might join the tribe. He consulted a rabbi and dished about being a Jew.

The reality star, who dished that his girlfriend and his attorney are Jewish, admitted that it his first year to celebrate Chanukah. He love Jewish things such as challah bread and went through Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

He described Hailey as his rock of his life as she went through hell in the tabloids with lesbian and drug rumors. He said they will keep loving each other. On having kids again, he said that if Hailey wanted to after they got married then he would but he wanted to get through this first.



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  • Wait a minute. Jon Goosenthem will consider children with Hailey Glassman? Is this the same Jon who told his other seductees that he had a vasectomy as he orchestrated unprotected sex and inseminated them?

    Will there be a new illegitimate brood of Jon Gosselin offspring spewing from the likes of Deanna, Kate M, Stephanie and “Vegas Girl”? Is Jon developing a product niche in mens’ underwear, called Fruit-of-His-Loins? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • haaaaa

    what you gonna do when they come for you jonny boy!!!

  • Gia

    Um, that’s odd. Have more kids with Hailey? I thought Jon told the babysitter he’s had a vasectomy.

  • ?????

    Is Hailey pregnant?????

    Sponkit: I haven’t heard that Hailey was having a child right now

  • basket

    Jon is searching……..He has no identity. He said over and over again that he hated his identity – jon and kate plus 8. Jon, that is what God gave you!!!!!!! and because of what God gave u – haile and heller got to know you – and they only want to know yiu as long as there is money and fame to be gotten from u. You are now trying to adopt an identity. Jon you are a disgrace to the jews. They do not want anything to do with you. You are now just trying to use them.

    To Jon Gosselin, she’s Hailey. But to the Indiania University Police Department, she’s prisoner #: 2005001545