Kanye West Made An Apology To Taylor Swift

After dissing Taylor when he commented that Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time, Kanye West has posted his apology on his official blog.

The singer revealed that he is sorry to Taylor Swift, her fans and her mom. He spoke to Taylor’s mom and learned that he is wrong for going on stage and taking away from her moment. He admitted that he is only being real and he felt bad for Taylor.

Fortunately, Taylor had her chance of her big moment when Beyonce won the Video of the Year award, the “Bootylicious” singer gave Taylor a second chance at a speech. Celebs reacted via Twitter throughout the award show, none too pleased with West’s antics.



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  • selwyn

    Kanye West should be banned from attending any other music award ceremony. He is totally egotistical, self-engrossed, publicity hog, whinning child. To get up & try to support another artists video during an acceptance speech is totally disrespectful. No applogy can erase his actions.

    This was just plain ignorant of him!

  • Kanye kanye kanye what were you thinking…click link to vote for team swift or team west!!!