Matt Damon Sympathizes With Brad Pitt’s Fame

Matt Damon has sympathized with fellow Hollywood star Brad Pitt’s life in the public eye – but is secretly pleased he does not receive the same level of attention.


The Bourne Identity leading man finds it hard to fathom how the actor and partner Angelina Jolie cope with their incessant fame – and is grateful he can travel to parts of the world unnoticed.

He revealed, “I honestly don’t know how he does it.” He added, “He can’t walk down the street anywhere, literally anywhere. They’re in Prague right now because Angelina Jolie’s working, and he can’t walk down the street. I went to Prague and I didn’t sign an autograph for six months, and it was great!”



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  • Cari

    Boo hoo hoo…what the hell do you expect??? You put yourself out there…so deal with it, cry baby!! You owe EVERYTHING to your fans, without them…you would be a regular person, just like the rest of us!!! In conclusion, Brad, why don’t you go get some speech therapy because your lisp is very annoying. Oh, and grow back some hair, you look like an old man…to go along w/ that old looking skank you’re with.