Miley Cyrus Angered Waiter At Outback Steakhouse

Miley Cyrus reportedly angered a restaurant staff when she failed to leave a tip.

The “Hannah Montana” star star spent $70 on food for herself and her sister at the Outback Steakhouse in New York. Unfortunately she failed to tip when she handed $100 and kept all the change.

A spokesperson for the teen star revealed that she made a genuine mistake in failing to tip because she did not know she was supposed to tip unless she was eating inside.



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  • Cheryl

    You do not have to provide a tip for take out. If that is what places are going to expect, I will eat at home and their businesses can go under.

  • blondie

    Nobody tips for take-out so why should a celebrity? Tipping is optional all of the time anyways. And if a customer chooses not to tip, the restaurant chain should not be turning it into a news story and going public with the customer’s name. That is low and for that reason I will not be eating or buying food at Outback Steakhouse in the future. Who needs kangaroo food anyways.

  • Renee

    Was it to go or did she just eat outside??

    Sponkit: I think Miley take-out the meal