Nicole Kidman Wishes To Have A New Baby

Nicole Kidman wishes to have a baby with her husband Keith Urban. The long rehab treatment has interrupted their honeymoon and became one of main features of their marriage.


Russel Crowe asked Nicole Kidman in an interview on whether she wanted a child with the singer. Nicole revealed, “Am I going to have a baby? I hope so.” The Aussie actress has already two adopted children during her relationship with former husband Tom Cruise.

The beautiful actress discussed her relationship with Keith Urban. She said, “We (Nicole and Keith) have been through a lot. Three months into our marriage, we had to dig really deep.” However, she believed her husband always had her “at the very forefront of everything he’s thinking”.



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  • Heather

    A little advice to Nicole if she wants to have a baby. STOP SIGNING ON TO MOVIE ROLLS! A month after their marriage she signed on to do Golden Compass, the first in a trilogy of His Dark Materials books. She did this knowing that she was going to be filming a new move in Australia this year for 6 months. And now there is reportedly a movie to be shot with Naomi Watts after Naomi has her baby. These aren’t exactly the actions of somebody who can’t wait to be “barefoot & pregnant”. And that quote about Nicole knowing that that her husband had her at the “very forefront of everything he’s thinking”? That came from Russell Crowe, not Nicole. Keith Urban seems to have her at the very forefront, but it doesn’t appear that Nicole has him at the very forefront. Her career is at the very forefront in her mind.