Prince William & Kate Middleton Dined At A Busy Restaurant

Prince William and Kate Middleton dined at a busy restaurant, which shocked onlookers.

The young royal booked the table using the surname Goldsmith at Gilmour’s, which is an eatery in London’s exclusive Chelsea district. Staff and fellow diners were taken aback as the couple sat in the middle of restaurant.

Prince William’s bodyguards sat at the bar as the pair enjoyed dinner. Kate insisted on paying the bill her credit card. It is believed that the pair used the alias Goldsmith because it is Kate’s mother Carole’s maiden name.



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  • Natasha

    I feel sorry for the guy (Prince William). He doesn’t want to appear to be an ‘ornament’ as he works his way through life, but he is beginning to look like one. Someone who can be ‘wheeled out’ for a photo-opportunity to make an advancement towards the day he decides to marry Kate Middleton. Sad, very sad. I wish him well, whatever he decides to do with his life. Because it is going to be a tough life. At least I suppose, he has someone around him who is seemingly more than ‘keen’ to do the job, and is able to do whatever it takes to achieve her goal. I hope he is happy with his life in the long-run?.