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Kate Middleton Planned To Buy A Villa In Mustique

Kate Middleton, who was the girlfriend of Prince William, was planning to buy a villa in Mustique.

George Clooney’s Girlfriend Explained Her Twitter Comment On Jennifer Aniston

Elisabetta Canalis explained her Twitter comment that Jennifer Aniston looked like Iggy Pop.

Will Taylor Lautner Appear In “Vision Quest” Remake?

Taylor Lautner was linked to “Vision Quest” remake after he was reportedly in talks to appear in the film remake.

Blackmailer Thought David Letterman Bedded 6 or 7 Staffers

A pal revealed that Robert Halderman, who was accused of blackmailing, believed David Letterman seduced the young “Late Show” staffers by plying them with perks.

Pres. Obama Lashed Out At Kanye West For His Outburst

It was reported that President Obama called Kanye West as “jack*ss,” during the off-the-record time while interview with CNBC.

Inside Paula Abdul’s Split From American Idol

Paula Abdul’s departure from “American Idol” was the product of months of calculation: financial and logistical on the part of the show’s producers and its network, Fox, and entrepreneurial and retaliatory on the part of Ms. Abdul, who in recent months has grown increasingly certain that greater opportunities lie elsewhere.

Daniel Radcliffe Blasts Prince Harry For Video Comment

Prince Harry has been attacked by Daniel Radcliffe.