Why David Cook Ended His Secret Romance

David Cook ended his romance with a model girlfriend after news sparked that he had secretly been dating the 35-year-old model.

American Idol winner later text Kim Johnston the reason why he broke up with her: he was losing fans over this. Kim, 35, revealed that the singer changed her life but she could not forget the feeling of abandonment.

Their romance became public last August and there was a big change in David’s attitude, according to Kim. His former girlfriend added that she hopes that David will be at a point where pleasing his fans doesn’t affect his happiness.



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  • Sally

    This woman is full of crap. Her story is soooo full of holes it sank in August.

  • Linda

    This girl is not a real model and is delusional. The picture likely is photoshopped as he would never pose for something like that.

  • katie

    This story is 90% b**** and 10% exaggeration. If you followed her trying to get this story out – her version changed several times. Go back and see what she said months ago…. makes no sense. And the supposed text has now been left out of your “story” because it does not sound at all like David AND most important – he is NOT STUPID. The idea that he would leave a text like that is laughable. She is pathetic, but it’s hard to feel sorry for her because this is an obvious career move. She makes balloon boy’s dad seem innocent in comparison.
    The biggest LOL is calling this a “romance”. Oh please.

  • Sandy

    Give me a break. In the first place, David does not lose fans over having a girlfriend. No one expects a healthy 26 year old to have no romantic relationships. In the second place, the idea that he would send a text like that is ludicrous. Either she is completely stupid, or whoever made up this nonsense is completely stupid. David, however, is NOT STUPID (as katie already said). So give us a break with this bullshit. Either find something REAL to write about, or shut up. This is a non-story all the way and should have died the miserable death all such crap deserves. Shame on you for even publishing such crap.

  • Kelly

    Supposedly she was told he didn’t want to see her at the concert in Tennessee. Well that concert took place before the first article was even published. I have my doubts about the extent of their “relationship” because the photo in Star looked photoshopped but if he didn’t want to see her anymore before the fans even knew about it then how can she blame the fans for breaking them up.