Zac Efron Wanted Space From Vanessa Hudgens

Zac Efron was reported to be afraid to tell girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens that he wants his space so that’s why he hasn’t been answering her phone calls.

While shooting the film “The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud” in Vancouver, the “17 Again” actor cares about Vanessa but he is thinking of dating other girls.

Friends are urging Zac to do the right thing, which is end the romance face to face. For the meantime, calls from Vanessa are believed to go straight to his voice mail.



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  • thahmina

    i don’t want them to break up!
    i love zac and vanessa soooo much……

  • tina

    Such a load of crap. Last week he was afraid of her hanging with other guys. When they are a work and not being photographed together sad people like you make things up. They are both in Vancouver shooting films. Have been spotted together numerous amounts of times over the weekends. She’s busy herself, when does she have the time to call him all day. This weekend he had lunch with her and her family.

  • jessica

    i hope what tina says is true i never want them to break up! D:

  • I dont know what to believe anymore. people need stop spreading rumors just leave them in peace! Love You ZANESSA!

  • lilly

    Tina is right. You people just like to make things up to try to cause trouble. Zac and V don’t like people putting their noses into their private lives, so if there aren’t any sightings and pictures of them together, it’s because they don’t want to be photographed 24/7. Can you not understand that?

  • Marika1970

    Hey they’re staging the crash scene all this week at 128th and 108/Old Yale Rd! I bet Zac Effron will be there! The movie actually sent us a notice regarding it and that there will be road closures and not to panic by calling 911. Started setting up today!

  • dadf

    wow, if they aren’t getting married, then they’re breaking up. will the rumors ever stop?! IF they break up, nobody will believe it cuz theres been so many rumors. no one will know if its real or not