A Report Suggests What Happened On Tiger Woods’ SUV Car Crash

A report provided some details on what really happened on the November night when Tiger Woods crashed his SUV.

It was claimed that Tiger Woods already warned her wife about the tabloid report, which claimed that he had an affair with NYC club manager Rachel Uchitel. But the golfer insisted that the story is just a rumor but his wife stayed suspicious. As the cheating rumors continue to sparked online, Rachel and Elin allegedly had a 30-minute chat, which convinced the wife that Tiger and Rachel had platonic relationship.

It was also reported that the couple had an argument on Thanksgiving after Elin learned specific details of the affair. Sources dished that Tiger allegedly took Ambien to fall asleep and to end the argument. But Elin reportedly woke Tiger after she trapped the mistress with a text message. It was claimed that Elin was so angry that she grabbed a golf club and chased her husband out of their Florida mansion. Neither source knew the details of how the rear windows in the Escalade were knocked out.

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