Adam Lambert Got A Stalker

Adam Lambert, who previously helped the public schools in need, reportedly has a stalker.

The “American Idol” alum was left reeling after an obsessed fan hacked into his email accounts and contacted his pals.

He has already hired a private investigators to track his stalker.

According to a source, the stalker of the American Idol runner-up called himself as Jose. He is also appeared to be totally obsessed with Adam.

It also appeared that the stalker is not the only one problem as he got an accomplice. The source dished the scoop: “And what makes this assault on Adam’s privacy even scarier is that the guy’s in cahoots with a female accomplice, who’s passing herself off as ‘Lane,’ Adam’s real-life personal assistant.”

What is the reaction of Adam? The source continued:“When friends reported the crooks had contacted them, Adam freaked! He immediately hired private investigators to track and apprehend the duo.”

The source added: “Adam is certain that he isn’t in physical danger but he wants the creeps caught before the situation escalates to deadly levels — like Paula Abdul’s stalker incident. He’s contacted all his friends, warning them that ‘Jose’ and ‘Lane’ have his personal contact list.”

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