Brad Pitt Reportedly Objected to Shiloh’s Custody Testimony, Causing Family Tensions

Brad Pitt reportedly didn’t want his daughter Shiloh to testify about her custody preferences.

Angelina Jolie sought full custody of their six children after filing for divorce from “Fight Club” star in 2016. In a 2021 hearing, Shiloh wanted to testify, but her father opposed it. Despite the objection, the judge granted joint custody to both parents. Later, the judge was removed due to undisclosed connections with the actor’s legal team. Shiloh filed to drop “Pitt” from her name on her 18th birthday, which deeply affected Brad. Her new name will reportedly be “Shiloh Jolie.” Her sister Vivienne has also dropped their father’s surname. Meanwhile, Brad is said to be struggling with the estrangement from his children, who reportedly have little relationship with him. Despite these changes, Pitt is determined to maintain a connection with his children.

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