Brad Pitt Would No Longer Act In Movies?

Brad Pitt, Hollywood actor, has declared that he would no longer be acting in movies. The actor was going to focus the rest of his life on his family and helping the world become a better place.

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Brad Pitt, who recently finished filming “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, revealed “I just can’t keep pretending that I’m challenged by my acting roles anymore. My eyes have been opened to the world.” It turned out that Brad Pitt wanted to focus on his family as well as doing more humanitarian works.

Brad Pitt, 43, also revealed that he would finish his remaining four films to which he’s already contractually obligated, including “Dallas Buyer’s Club.” Then he would sell all of his belongings in Hollywood and move to Ireland with Angelina Jolie and their four children, so that they can have closer access to Africa as well as other countries.

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