Brooke Mueller Was Rushed To ICU Because of Pneumonia & Kidney Infection

Brooke Mueller, who is the wife of Charlie Sheen, was reportedly rushed to the intensive care with 105-degree fever on January 19.

It was confirmed that Brooke does indeed have pneumonia and she was believed to have pneumonia in both lungs as well as kidney infection. She is still in ICU. Moira Fiore, the mother of Charlie Sheen’s wife, dished that Brooke is being filled by antibiotics by her doctor. Her infection is believed to be in her bloodstream caused by waiting too long to get her impacted wisdom tooth removed.

Her husband Charlie Sheen has been granted a court approval to have contact with her after a judge in Aspen has temporarily suspended a restraining order imposed after the Christmas Day incident. Meanwhile, it was reported that the lawyers in the case will meet with the Aspen judge tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM to discuss the status of the case and when the hearing on the protective order will take place.

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