Cameron Diaz Wants A New Man In Her Life

Cameron Diaz promotes her latest film with her co-star, Jude Law in Tokyo, Japan. The actress is promoting her latest film, “The Holiday” at Park Tower Hall on Wednesday morning.


In her new movie, Cameron Diaz swap lives with Kate Winslet. She made a joke when she said, “ I have to say selfishly, I have gone to other people’s homes and rented other people’s homes, but I would not let anybody else stay at my house. Hypothetically speaking, if you were to stay at my house, you would enjoy the experience, it’s a pretty positive environment.”

In her real life, Cameron Diaz declared that she wants a new man in her life when she revealed, “I want somebody to come and show me what he’s got. You just got to do it. You just got to get out there and seek those things out for yourself. Life is definitely a roller-coaster, it’s an adventure and it’s just all about how you participate in it, if you choose to participate in it, and about going out there and having a good time and good things come to you.”

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