David Letterman’s Stupid Trick On Wife In Caribbean

David Letterman bought Stephanie Birkett, a female staffer that he slept with, on Caribbean vacations with his wife and son.

A report indicated that Letterman’s wife Regina Lasko “believed that Birkitt was only an innocent “friend” and “co-worker” at that time. When Birkitt was identified as Letterman’s lover, Regina was claimed to be pissed off that Letterman was so brazen as to have invited his paramour on vacations with their 6-year-old son.

Meanwhile, sources claimed that the accused blackmailer allegedly cooked up the extortion scheme to get “revenge” on his rival for Birkitt’s affections. Halderman allegedly handed Letterman’s limo driver a package, including a screenplay outline about Letterman and excerpts from Birkitt’s diaries about sex with Letterman.

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