Did Meghan Markle Sign A Voiceover Deal Before “The Royal Stepping Down” Announcement?

Meghan Markle reportedly made a voiceover deal with Disney and the condition of the deal is a donation to an elephant charity.

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The Duchess of Sussex recorded the voiceover before she and her husband left for their six-week break to Canada to celebrate Christmas. The deal includes a donation to Elephants Without Borders, which is an organisation dedicated to conserving wildlife and helping protect the animals from poaching. The news came after Prince Harry and Meghan announced on Wednesday that they intended to step down as senior royals. The deal with Disney might be a sign of Meghan’s future career plans, which could see the royal couple will use their celebrity status to benefit chosen causes. If it is the Duchess and Duke of Sussex will choose to keep their royal titles while posing themselves for hire, their combined potential of earning money could be greater than any A-list celebrity in history. Perhaps they would be able to ask six or even seven-figure fees just for attending an event.

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