Duchess Kate’s Emotional Visit To Sarah Everard Memorial

Duchess Kate placed daffodils from Kensington Palace when she dropped by in Sarah Everard’s memorial in South London on Saturday.

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The Duchess of Cambridge, who was not wearing a mask, remembered what it was like to walk around London at night before she married Prince William. She visited Clapham Common, which was close to where the 33-year-old went missing as well as to pay her respects to Miss Everard and her family in the wake of the marketing executive’s murder. She also visited a bandstand in the park where she added to the dozens of floral tributes that have been placed for Miss Everard by mourners. It was reported that she stopped at the front of the sea of tributes placed around the bandstand. The memorial showed flowers and signs, which one of them reads, “I am Sarah.” The unexpected visit of the wife of Prince William happened after a planned vigil was cancelled because of the Met Police’s ‘lack of constructive engagement’ to help make it Covid secure. The officers reportedly gathered in force this evening to break up the growing crowds.

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