Eva Longoria Wishes Kenny Chesney To Sing At Her Wedding

Eva Longoria, a star of the television program “Desperate Housewives, will marry to Tony Parker on July 7. Eva has a surprise entertainer, as her wedding event grew nearer. She revealed, “My friend, Kenny (Chesney) is going to sing at my wedding.” There is one little problem: Eva confessed, “He just doesn’t know it yet.”


Eva Longoria said, “I never had a timeline for my life. I didn’t say I wanted to be married at 28 and have three kids by the time I was 32.” She added, “I do want to have a family at some point. I also want to adopt. I don’t feel pressure to have kids because I know there are so many out there.”

The thing about her wedding that Eva Longoria is really excited is her wedding dress. Eva revealed, “I wish I could wear 10 dresses to my wedding. It’s so sad that you put it in storage and then never see it again.” What is her remedy for that problem? She said, “I am going to sleep in mine after I wear it.”

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