How Will Prince William And Duchess Kate Announce Their Baby’s Arrival

When Prince William and Duchess Kate welcome their first baby, there will be a framed announcement will be posted on a wood and gold easel near the gates of Buckingham Palace.

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Although electronic release will be made, it is important that there will be a degree of theatre about the birth announcement of the third in line to the throne. The declaration will show the baby’s gender, weight and time of birth. As for the royal name, it will be dished at a later date. Meanwhile, Duchess Kate will give birth naturally except nature intervenes. Prince William plans to be there for the birth. Carole and Pippa Middleton are believed to be present too. The baby will be delivered by Royal Household official Surgeon-gynecologist Dr. Alan Farthing and Dr. Marcus Setchell, the Queen’s Surgeon-Gynecologist.

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