Jennifer Aniston Was Rumored To Have Macrolane Injections

A magazine claimed that Jennifer Aniston got a lunchtime boob jab, which gave her a curvier figure.

The actress was believed to have Macrolane injections and boosted her bra measurements by a whole cup size.The procedure involves filler being injected into each breast and takes just half an hour but complications can occur if there are hard lumps or if the body recognizes it as foreign object.

Sources claimed that the 40-year-old actress felt super confident and they believed that Jen looked like she’s gone up at least a whole cup size. The source added that the star love her curvier figure is having on her wardrobe for the movie as she’s dressed in figure-hugging skirts and low-cut tops every day.

In fact, it’s not surprising if she and Gerard have such electric chemistry. Rumours that the former Friends actress is dating co-star Gerard Butler, 39, have been circulating for months.

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