Jessica Biel: Shy On Her Revealing Scenes

Jessica Biel worries about her dad and brother seeing her n@ked scenes.


The actress plays a stripper in her new movie ‘Powder Blue’ and is dreading her family’s reaction to her raunchy role.

She revealed, “I definitely worry about how my family would react. You can’t help thinking about your dad or brother seeing something. I don’t have to be fully n@ked for the movie. I don’t worry too much about only being sent roles that require me to be n@ked because this is such a beautiful script and it’s not gratuitous.”

The actress also admitted that she has some insecurity on her body even though she was declared as number one in Stuff magazine’s 100 Sexiest Women 2007.

She added, “Clearly I don’t wake up and go ‘Woh, I’m the sexiest woman alive. My least favorite part of my body is my legs. They could be longer or leaner. I would love to have naturally rippling beautiful calves, but mine are not defined and they never will be.”