Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy: Wedding Bells Will Have To Wait?

Jim Carrey, a star of the film “The Number 23”, revealed that he is not planning to get married to Jenny McCarthy. He said, “No, we are never getting married, but we are never getting divorced, which is fantastic.”

How about giving Jenny a ring? Jim Carrey joked, “I bought her a Chloe purse. Isn’t that good enough?”

Jim Carrey and Jenny

Jim Carrey, 45, and Jenny McCarthy, 34, became a couple last year. Jim Carrey said, “She (Jenny Mc Carthy) is just a wonderful lady and much deeper than she is ever received credit for, and I’m very excited about her future.”

Jim Carrey, most recently starred with Rhona Mitra in “The Number 23”. Jenny McCarthy was a former Playboy playmate and a co-host of MTV’s “Single Out”.

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