Kate Middleton Joins Ant And Dec To Raise Addiction Awareness

Kate Middleton joins Ant and Dec in an effort to raise awareness about addiction.

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When Kate Middleton linked up with Ant and Dec to raise awareness about addiction, she joked about being ambushed for a bushtucker trial. Kate was speaking about the issue during the launch of a campaign hosted by the I’m A Celebrity stars. She hadn’t expected to join them on stage and she also felt as if she were entering a bushtucker trial. Later, the Duchess of Cambridge had a heart-to-heart with Ant, 45, who has struggled with alcohol and drug addiction. He told her that his addiction began following knee surgery and culminated in his entering treatment in 2018 after smashing his car while over the drink-drive limit. Ant admitted that his situation had deteriorated by the time he sought assistance. He discovered that once you open yourself to people, your difficulties begin to fade away. It will get better. Kate said that the more people you talk to, the more you realize how many people have either experienced it or know someone who has. “I wish I had this help earlier,” people say time and time again.” Meanwhile, Kate stated that she and her husband William share the fondness of turtlenecks when she arrived at Bafta’s London headquarters in a red sweater and skirt.

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