Kate Middleton Leaves For Work In London

Kate Middleton was spotted during the time when the brunette beauty goes to the place of her employment.

The brunette beauty leaves her apartment well-dressed as usual and looking quite refreshed. She caught one photographer, which was concealing himself behind his bike, and greeted him as she revealed how serrene it’s been of late. Then the 25-year-old brunette smiled as she went off to her car.

Kate Middleton, who was wearing one of her famous black-and-white ensembles, was looking more tranquil. She wore black dotted shirt with coordinating jacket and pants make the most of a slim figure. She also wore brown heeled boots.

Since Kate and William split last April only to rejoin in July, they weren’t apart for very long. And since they got back together, things have been moving fast for the two. Some people even wonder that the brunette is waiting for that most coveted accessory, which is a solitaire on her ring finger.

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