Kate Middleton & Prince William: News of Royal Engagement

When the young prince took a Caribbean vacation with his girlfriend, Kate Middletown triggers some speculations on whether this vacation would lead to their engagement.

Victoria Mather, a Vanity Fair correspondent, revealed, “I would say that it is extraordinarily unlikely that Prince William and Kate Middleton will get married.” She added, “I think what we are seeing is a very modern situation of a fine young man having an extremely nice girlfriend.”

Prince William is the eldest son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana. The prince has revealed that he does not want to marry until he gets older. Prince William and Kate Middleton met at Scotland’s St. Andrews University. They have dated for a long time but they stayed silent about their relationship. Kate Middleton earned the title “Her Royal Shyness” because she is very quiet about her relationship with the prince.
While brother Prince Harry has also been enjoying some vacation time with his girlfriend, he already spent an adventure in South Africa before he is going to Iraq this coming May 2007.

Marriage may mean a lot for the two royal princes. Victoria Mather said, “When Prince William’s mother married she was 19 and look what happened there.” She asked, “It’s not a good omen, is it?” It was exactly 25 years ago when Prince Charles and Princess Diana got married.

The good news is Prince William and Kate Middleton already set their wedding day. According to the British tabloid report, the royal couple will get married in July 2008.

Prince William & Kate

Prince William, 24, already made a statement that he is not going to settle down until he is 28 years old. His advisors gave him advice that it would be unreasonable for Kate to make her wait for their royal wedding. Now, the celebrity couple was expected to publicize their royal engagement in the autumn.

A source said, “The threat to Kate Middleton’s safety is what really persuaded Prince William to hurry things along.”

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