Kate Moss: Her First Print Interview Criticized The Paparazzi

Kate Moss, the supermodel, gave her first print interview to the new issue of Vogue magazine. The magazine includes debut of Kate Moss as a clothes designer for Top Shop. In the Vogue Magazine cover, Kate Moss is wearing one of her own designs and the dress costs 60 pounds ($116). In the Vogue magazine’s April issue, the British supermodel shows her collection for high street retailer Topshop, which recruited Kate Moss as a designer in September.

Supermodel Kate Moss

In the interview, Kate Moss reveals that she doesn’t believe she should be photographed by paparazzi if she is with her daughter. She declares, “There are degrees of privacy. If I’m taking Lila to school, that’s not OK.”

The British supermodel also reveals a typical incident in New York when a snapper photographing her fell over and put a whole tooth through her lip. Kate Moss reveals, “I lean over her saying, ‘Are you all right?’ and she was still taking pictures. I was, ‘You know what? You are sick in the head.’ And she was really surprised that I had stopped. Like she thought I was going to leave her bleeding?”

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