Lindsay Lohan Rumored To Be Terrified With Release of Sexy Footage

Lindsay Lohan has been the center of speculation on being terrified with the release of her alleged sex tape but she managed to attend a a sex toy launch at Voyeur club in West Hollywood on January 14.

The “Freaky Friday” actress, who donned a trilby, polka dot shirt, black leggings, cropped jacket and sky-high heels and accessories such as a spider necklace at the event, was rumored to be having a sex tape. According to a report, her alleged sex tape is being offered around by a waiter with a well-known chain restaurant and the footage will be release to an offshore porn site.

On her explicit tape rumors, the actress reportedly answered: “What sex tape? Haha. Meanwhile, Lindsay joined Colombian Sofia Vergara and other A-list celebrities in a rather tacky event.

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