Lucky Fan Receives Sunglasses From Beyonce Knowles In London Gig

A lucky fan of Beyoncé Knowles walked away with the megastar’s Off-White sunglasses at her London gig on Monday.

The 20-year-old film director showed “Crazy In Love” hitmaker hurling her black sunglasses to fans while singing “Diva.” The incident followed a heated exchange with security, who came and tried to get them back. A security guard shouted, “Stop, stop!” The singer eventually retrieved the sunglasses, returned to the stage, and tossed them back into the crowd. Mr Valentino disclosed on TikTok that he was the lucky fan who received the sunglasses, declaring, “I’m still in shock.” The Post reached out to Beyoncé’s representative and Valentino for comment. The TikToker referred to the Renaissance World Tour stop at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium as his first concert, calling it the “best experience ever” in the popular video caption. In a subsequent video, the fan confirmed the sunglasses are Off-White, but discovered the side lens was shattered. He explained that it came off right after the concert; it was just hanging on by a little screw. So, he eventually met an optometrist to fix the important Beyoncé memorabilia for him. He also promised that he is never wearing the sunglasses again. The singer’s Off-White sunglasses were worth more than $53,000. Her humanitarian gesture astonished the Beyhive after the fan’s heated argument with security. A fan gushed that it was very thoughtful of the 41-year-old singer to remember to return them to Mr Valentino.

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