Meghan Markle Gets Involved In Ellen DeGeneres’ Prank Segment

During a prank segment on “The Ellen Show” on Thursday, Meghan Markle showed off her humorous acting chops.

While visiting “unsuspecting” vendors on the Warner Bros. lot, the Duchess of Sussex was directed through an earpiece by host Ellen DeGeneres to play out in a number of strange ways. The 40-year-old actress began by approaching a crystal seller and yelling “positive energy” as she touched the stones. She joked about having healing abilities and wondered if anyone else could sense them. Following DeGeneres’ instructions, she picked up one of the larger crystals on the table, held it against her head, and began chanting and humming loudly. She then proceeded on to the second vendor, who sold hot sauces. She requested that he give her a bite. Ellen instructed her the prank through the earpiece. The wife of Prince Harry should ask for something really spicy while informing the vendor that she wants some heat, Other “hilarious” moments in the video include her chewing chips like a chipmunk and then declaring “Mommy needs some milk” and swigging from a baby bottle she took from her purse after a scorching hot sauce. The hot-sauce vendor, who remained unaffected while the Duchess drank straight from the bottle, was maybe more stunning than her adherence to the routine. Meghan completed the prank by donning cat ears and singing, “Meow, meow, meow,” as if she were a kitten. She even sat for an interview with Ellen DeGeneres. She opened up about her early days as an up-and-coming actress and how she and her husband Prince Harry even went incognito at a Halloween party thanks to their costumes.

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