Michelle Obama Is Immortalized In Wax

Michelle Obama, who previously linked to the rumor of being jealous to a television show host, has received an honor of having a wax replica at Madame Tussauds’ London museum, where her wax figure was standing beside President Barack Obama’s wax figure in the oval office.

The US First Lady’s wax figure, who donned a sleeveless purple dress and black sweater, has been shown to mark the one-year anniversary of her husband being president of the United States. It was reported that the wax figure of Michelle Obama will be shown in display until mid-April. It is expected that both figures will be transferred permanently to Tussaud’s Thailand museum.

A spokeswoman dished that the wax figure of the US leader became extremely popular so it was expected that the wax figure of the US First Lady will be popular to the crowd too.

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