Miley Cyrus Talked About Parents’ Reaction On “Topless” Vanity Fair Photo

Miley Cyrus graces the cover of the new Harper’s Bazaar as she opened up about her parents’ reaction to her controversial Annie Leibovitz shoot, the pressures of growing up in the spotlight and her new chest tattoo.

On her controversial Vanity Fair photo, the “Hannah Montana” star dished that her parents are thinking that they are seeing a beautiful photo by a major photographer and her family did not look for negativity. Unfortunately, no one wants to look at something like that because it doesn’t sell a magazine.

When asked about her pole dancing incident, she thought that her job is to be a role model and not to be a parent. As for her “Just Breathe” tattoo, she admitted that she is not going to get a meaningless tattoo so doing something that’s important could take some pain away.

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