Osbourne Family: H.I.V. Mystery Solved

The mystery regarding which member of the Osbourne family is H.I.V. positive has been solved, when Terry Longden, a cousin of Kelly Osbourne came forward.

Kelly Osbourne caused a shock last month with her statement at a charity gala that a member of her family had the condition.

Terry Longden said, “I told her to say whatever she wanted because it might help someone in a similar situation, but I didn’t expect her to cry. I felt quite guilty. She gave me a big hug when she came off”.

Terry Longden, a star of the reality television show “ The Salon”, confessed that he was terrified of telling his family. He said, “I spoke to Sharon and she was fantastic. She totally understood and gave her support. Five minutes later Ozzy rang and he was great, which was a relief. They were amazing. I couldn’t have a better family.”

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