Paris Jackson’s First Salon Haircut

Paris Jackson, who is the 11-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson, got her first salon haircut at AMP Salon at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas on Aug. 23.

After her haircut, she had the hair bagged up as a memento.

An insider revealed: “The stylist gathered all the hair that was cut and placed it in a plastic bag for Paris to take with her at the request of her aunt.”

An eyewitness at the salon noted that Paris was extremely kind and well-mannered with the stylists. Following her haircut, Paris enjoyed a manicure with green nail polish and that same day she met with her grandmother, Katherine Jackson, to go on a shopping spree at the hotel.

According to reports, Paris and her brothers were seen unwinding at the end of the day at the Palms’ pool, where they sipped virgin strawberry-banana daiquiris.

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