Prince George Mixes While Helping Prepare A Christmas Pudding With British Royal Family Members

Prince George joins the older members of the British Royal family to prepare the Christmas puddings together.

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The six-year-old royal holds a wooden spoon into the sticky fruit mix while Queen Elizabeth II looks at him and grandfather Charles and Prince William helped him a bit. Each royal member also adds the commemorative sixpences into the mixture. The young royal manages to keep his pique piped shirt, which is designed by Rachel Riley, free from stain. Meanwhile, the puddings are expected to be given next year as part of a campaign by the British Royal Legion to deal loneliness among armed forces veterans. The charity will provide 99 puddings to mark its 99th year. The mixing session was led by Alex Cavaliere, a former soldier with the Army Catering Corps, who now works in one the charity’s six care homes.

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