Prince Harry Fuels England Rugby Fans’ Anger After Making Instagram Message

Prince Harry fuelled anger from England Rugby fans when he made his latest Instagram video update.

Prince Harry Fuels England Rugby Fans' Anger After Making Instagram Message

The Duke of Sussex appeared in the organisation’s latest Instagram, where he thanked the supporters for their work during the pandemic. The 35-year-old patron of the Rugby Football Union (RFU) missed the game, but he emphasized that the pandemic did not take away the British spirit. Although his message must be a heartfelt one, some England Rugby fans took his video appearance as an offence after quitting royal life earlier in the year. Meanwhile, Prince Harry also triggered another controversy earlier this week when he supported the plans to ban rugby anthem ‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” and the prince claimed that the song is linked to slavery. The National Rugby Union announced that they will review the use of the song considering the Black Lives Matter movement. A freed slave named Wallace Willis originally wrote the song. The lyrics reportedly implied to the conditions when the slaves were kept in and the better days to come after freedom.

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