Prince Harry’s Number 1 Priority After L.A. Move

Prince Harry reportedly have as number one priority while he and Meghan and have been isolating themselves since moving to Los Angeles, according to biographer Angela Levin.

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The Duke of Sussex is believed to have a priority: make his wife, Meghan happy. Why will he do everything to do that? The Duke’s biographer believed he feels guilty that he did not do enough to protect his mother. This idea stayed with him, so he’s determined to make her happy. The biographer also suggested that the 35-year old prince adores Meghan and he thinks that she’s absolutely wonderful. Meanwhile, Prince Harry revealed in an interview that he won’t be happy if he would be known as a celebrity. He dished that celebrities has a chance to choose and decide when they want the press to be there, but if you’re a royal, you’re on duty 24/7.

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