Prince William Reacted To Prince Harry’s Book Claims

Prince William freely reacted to Prince Harry’s claims for the first time after fans expressed their support for him.

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge received warm support from the crowd only days after the release of Prince Harry’s book. The royal fans encouraged the royal couple to keep going while they continued their royal duties. The 40-year-old prince answered that he will definitely keep going. On whether Prince William was hurt by the comments of Prince Harry’s allegations, he did not answer the question because it seemed unclear that the royal heard it when the royal pair get out of their car. Kensington Palace has refused to make a comment on the claims in Prince Harry’s book. The allegations included the incident of physical attack of Prince William towards his younger brother and the argument between Princess Kate and Duchess Meghan. Meanwhile, Prince William and Princess Kate dropped by the critical care ward to look at the hospital’s new facilities as well as meet with staff, who have been working at the hospital during the busy wintertime. And the royal couple thanked them for their service.

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