Prince William’s Frequently Used Emoji And Dinner Idea

Prince William had some fun when he shared his favorite emojis in a new interview on BBC Radio 1’s Going Home show.

Prince William's Frequently Used Emoji And Dinner Idea

This 41-year-old prince joked about whether his emojis were family-friendly or a bit cheeky. He even mentioned the British version of an eggplant, called an aubergine. Despite the warning not to mention the vegetable, he still picked the purple eggplant emoji as his favorite. He described it as the one with eyes that go up and down and a smiling mouth, calling it a bit crazy. Why did he share this? Well, maybe he wanted to show that he’s all grown up now. How about Princess Kate? She chose the heart with the crying emoji that looks like hysterical laughing. In the same interview, Prince William and Princess Kate talked about what they’d cook for dinner. The Duchess of Cambridge suggested they might have curry, teriyaki, or salmon. The Duke, Prince William, said he couldn’t handle too much spice because it makes him sweat. She just adds extra spice to her own dish, but his wife doesn’t mind; she just adds extra spice to her own dish. It seems even royalty enjoys tasty dinners and emojis.

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