Prince William’s Royal Lookalike Joke

Prince William made attempt of tricking drinkers to think that he was only a royal lookalike.

He told the customers of the pub, who are not sure if he was the real Prince William: “I get that all the time.”

But the 27-year-old prince was soon identified because his bodyguards were posted around The Lighthouse in Battersea, South West London.

The young royal, who popped in with friends for a pint and fish and chips, charmed girls who went up for a chat.

A source revealed: “He was very polite. We were amazed he was in our local.”

Meanwhile, the young prince was previously teased at his best friend’s wedding: “You’ll be next”.

He went to shake the groom’s hand and to congratulate his bride Alice Hadden-Paton. But Army Captain Nicholas, 31, turned to the future King and could not resist poking fun at him about marriage.

William, 27, laughed off the remark before heading to the reception with Kate, who he has dated since 2001.

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